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Odd Fellows House Relocation

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Odd Fellows House Relocation

Building Move: Odd Fellows House Relocation

The project began in 1996 for expansion of the Federal Courthouse and it was determined that instead of demolishing Odd Fellows Hall, the building would be saved by moving it across the street. Using a latticework of steel beams and jacks, Emmert lifted the 117-year-old, five million-pound building eleven feet off its foundation in preparation for its move across the street. The building was first rotated 180?, then pushed across the street, and lowered onto its new foundation. Odd Fellows Hall is a remarkable combination of historic preservation, engineering, persistence and cooperation to preserve a marvelous piece of historic architecture in downtown Salt Lake City.

Structural Move Details

  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • 3.2 million pounds
  • 117 year oldHistorical Brick
  • Award: 2010 Job of the Year