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Building Move: The Fairmont Hotel

If only the historic Fairmount Hotel could talk, it would tell the story about how it took a six-day, world-record journey rolling on the streets of downtown San Antonio. Built in 1906 this downtown San Antonio hotel is a historic landmark. In 1984 the city of San Antonio opted to move the entire structure to a new home next to La Villita National Historic District rather than tear it down. On April 4, 1985 the 3.2 million pounds brick and mortar building was lifted and moved on 36 dollies five blocks, 15 feet at a time, to its present location. The move was national and international news featured in more than 30 foreign countries. The Guinness Book of World Records noted it as the largest structure ever moved on wheels. The hotel reopened on September 5, 1986 with an addition to the original structure.

Structural Move Details