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We began as a structural mover specialist and continue to thrive as an innovative and conscientious pioneer of structure relocation. Some of our most prestigious awards were earned by performing feats like the relocation of the Fairmount Hotel, which weighs over 3 million pounds.

We recycle all of the typical products normally recycled by industry leading companies. However, Emmert has taken its recycling methods to a new dimension by not only saving precious landfill space, but also by recycling items not typically seen as recyclable.

What others see as an old, unwanted building, we see as an opportunity. By transplanting these buildings to new locations, and updating or remodeling them, we are able to help provide quality housing to literally hundreds of individuals and families.

Since beginning this initiative, Emmert has saved more than half of a billion dollars in building materials, demolition, labor, and landfill costs. This initiative has also led to untold hundreds of renovation contractors finding employment by performing the salvage and remodeling work.

This recycling program enables individuals and families to purchase these homes, move them to their lot, and go about the renovation work themselves, often with technical, financial, or subcontract assistance from Emmert. This process has helped hundreds of families realize their dream of owing their own home.


Unified Hydraulic Jack

The Unified Hydraulic Jacking System is a network of jacks used for raising both house and buildings. The oil pressure is equally distributed to each jack so they get an equal volume of oil. Since structure weight is uneven, it is raised perfectly level regardless of weight on the jack.

Elevation Service For

  • House Lifting Texas
  • Pier and Beam Elevation
  • Slab Foundation Raising
  • House and Building Move
  • Structure Relocation