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Pier and beam elevation

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Pier and beam elevation

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There are different types of house foundations, but pier and beam is very common in the Gulf Coast area of Texas because of the soil type. Piers are usually made of concrete blocks or bricks. Pier and beam elevation is raised like a slab foundation. Unified hydraulic jacks raise the foundation to the height needed. A slab foundation has pilings stablizing the slab but is lifted evenly in one piece. Building elevations and structural moves are all lifted in this manner. A very common question is how much the cost of raising a pier and beam foundation 4 feet or more would be. The average cost is around $14,000 for a smaller surface area house. It doesn’t matter how many stories tall the house is, only the ground surface area and the foundation to be raised. There are different types of foundations:

Pier & Beam Elevation Types

This process is for wood-frame brick veneer structures that are usually already elevated off the ground. We will install a grid of steel under the house and elevate. As many others are unable to do, Emmert Elevation can elevate the brick veneer with your home.



Basement Addition

Many of our customers have discovered that one of the most cost effective way to expand their living space and increase the value of their home is to replace their compromised/cracked basement or crawl space with a new basement. Emmert Elevation has completed basements from 9 to 15 feet deep. It’s as simple as lifting and shoring your house, digging out the old foundation and pouring a new on for your home. Along with your new basement/foundation comes the most modern waterproofing techniques available today. The complete process gives you piece of mind for a lifetime of a dry basement in your new lower level living area